Simple Hair Clip Tutorial

hair clips

These cute hair clip are very simple to make.

Let’s get started!

This is what you will need:


Felt, thread, scissors, metal clips, buttons, jewelry supplies, heart felt (the 3 last ones just for decorating the hair clip).

hair clip shape

Now, take the metal clip and draw its shape on paper. You should make 2 patterns but one of them without the top part as you can see on the photo.


Then just use the pattern on the felt fabric to bring out the pieces which will create your hair clip, then cut it out and put them together …

to sew

and start sewing!


hair clip

Once is ready just start to decorate the hair clip. Here some examples using buttons, and heart felt pieces.

hair clip

Hair clip heart

Now just place the metal clip inside.

Hair Clip

Hair Clip

and it’s ready! you can use your imagination to decorate these hair clips as you want.

Look what I did!

Hair Clips


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