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A necklace for Janos.

Janos is my very shy cat. We found him on the roof of the house last year when he was just a little one. He is a very quiet guy as long as you keep the food bowl full, but if he feels like a hug he will meow until you stop what you are doing in order to take care of him.

Janos in the garden

I would like to share with you this macrame necklace I made for Janos.

It’s very simple and easy to make. Let me show you how.

This is what we will need:

. Macrame cord (there are different kind of cords you can use for macrame). I used nylon and jute macrame cord which are often used for jewelry.

. Wooden beads.

. Jewelry tools.

. Little bell or pendant.

. Base metal chain.

materials  bell or pendant

Let’s get started!


Cut 26 inch (or 65cm approx.) of the brown and green cords and 18 inch (or 45cm approx.) of the middle one. Once you cut them, hold them together and even you can make a simple knot in order to secure them. I also used a clip to make it sure.

We will name the cords on the side “working cords” and the cord in the middle “filler cord”starting

Step 1: curve the right working cord to the left passing over the filler and under the left working cord.
spiral knot

Step 2: Bring the left working cord under the filler and over the right working cord (follow the photos).spiral knot spiral knot

spiral knot  spiral knot

spiral knot spiral knot

This very short video may help you also with the spiral knot:

Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and 2 as long as you would like the size of your necklace. I repeat it 9 times and then I stop it because I wanted to add the wooden beads.

spiral knot spiral knot

spiral knot spiral knot

Once you insert the wooden bead on each side, make one spiral knot and repeat the process in order to have 6 wooden beads. Then start again with the spiral knot. Make 6 spiral knot and then repeat the process with the wooden beads as you can see on the photo.

spiral knot spiral knot

Once you finish the second section of wooden beads, start again with 6 spiral knot and add the little bell or a pendant. Once again make 6 spiral knots, start the third section of wooden beads, make 6 spiral knots again, add the fourth section of the wooden beads and 9 spiral knots at the end.

You are almost done!

I add  3 inch (7cm approx.) of base metal chain to my necklace. You won’t need any claps for necklace. What you need to do is pass the cords through the chain link and make a simple knot after it (check the photo). Do it on both sides of the necklace and you are done!

spiral knot  necklace for Janos

It looks cute on Janos!

Janos with his necklace

I hope you can enjoy making a necklace for your cat or using the spiral knot for new creations.

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