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LiTtLe PuRpLe BiRd

Little purple bird

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great week.

I made this little purple bird for my Mom. Actually, for hanging it on the rear wiew mirror of her car. But on the way of the making process I found out two other ideas which I will show you as well.

So, let’s begin.

You will need to make your pattern. I made my own pattern after drawing my little purple bird. This is my draw:

drawing the little purple bird

and this is my pattern. I simply drew it according to the sample I made.

pattern pattern

After that, just place it on your fabric in order to cut the pieces you will need. I used felt fabric.

getting started

You need to make 2 pieces for the body and the wings and just one piece for the bird beak. Also cut 3 little pieces like tear drops shape for the ornament which you will place at the top of the head of your little purple bird. So now you have all the pieces to start to sew.

pieces ready

Before you start sewing the peaces together, let’s make the eyes of the bird using the simple running stitch.

running stitch

Before you will start the sewing process, you need to place the bird beak between the pieces of the body. The same for the ornament, which you will place at the top of the head of the bird.

placing the bird bake placing the ornament

Once you place all the pieces, your bird will look like this:

the bird

and now you just need to sew it around. I would suggest you to leave space at the bottom of the bird in order to have a little hole, where you will introduce the wadding.

sewing around  20130412_125901_blissfulbitz_01

Once you sew it around (leaving the space at the bottom), you get something like the bird on the next picture.

finger puppet

Here is where it came out a new idea. If you leave it just like that, you will get a Finger Puppet.

Finger Puppet

But once you filled the body with the wadding and finish the sewing, you will get a little ornament for your working desk.


At this point, I would like to talk about the bird wings. It can be an option to place the wings or not. I just glue it with silicon but before that, I decorate it with a simple blanket stitch all around.

blanket stitch

The next steps will show you how I passed a fabric tape from one side to another, in order to make the bird able to be hanged at the rear wiew mirror of my mom’s car. I used a crochet tool to help me in the process.

 little purple bird  little purple bird

Now it is ready to be hanged.

almost ready

Here it is!

 almost ready  ready


10 thoughts on “LiTtLe PuRpLe BiRd

  1. El pajarito es lindo, los colores son muy vivos pero lo mas bonito es que esta en mi carro y lo puedo mostrar con orgullo a todos porque mi flakis lo hizo

  2. Que linda mi Mami!
    My Mom is cute! She says she is proud about having the little purple bird on her car because I made it!

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