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Pretty Hair Clip!

Very simple and easy to make. These Pretty Hair Clips are perfect for using it in any season. Ready to make your own?


The materials: felt, buttons, needle and thread.

The first thing to make is the flower petals. Cut the felt following the shape you can see in the next photo.


Once you got it, take the first petal and fold it half as on the next photo in order to pass through the needle with thread.

blissfulbitz blissfulbitz

Start passing through all the petals,

blissfulbitz blissfulbitz

until you get this:


Now just close the circle joining the first petal with the last one. You got your flower already.


Now just add the middle part to make your flower complete. I’ve chosen buttons.


I sewed the button but you can use silicon as well. Once you did it, glue the flower to a simple hair clip. You can find the simple hair clip tutorial here.


Your Pretty Hair Clip is ready!


Now this little cute model (my niece) is showing you how does it look on her hair.

blissfulbitz blissfulbitz

Nice, isn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Hair Clip!

  1. Thank you for the awesome tutorial!!!! I’m going to make a few for each of my grandnieces. You are a maven!! Hope to see more postings from you soon:))

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