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Gombi Monkey Tutorial

Gombi Monkey

I made this project using the book SOFTIES by Jess Redman. The designs in this book are cute and lovely. I chose the little monkey this time, I used felt for the body (not fabric as in the book) and just a little bit of fabric for creating the tail. The templates are printed right inside the book which means you’ll have to copy and enlarge them. Because of this the project can be a bit of a challenge.

This is what I did:

Softies book Gombi Monkey

Templates Templates ready

Once you got the templates we start to create our pieces. We will get 2 of each piece in order to get the back and front parts for the arms, legs, ears, and the head and body of the monkey. The face will be just one piece.

We sew the back and front parts of the arms, legs and ears…

Gombi Monkey

and before attaching them to the body, fill them out with cotton wadding.

Gombi Monkey

Gombi Monkey

Now, the body, head and tail:

A. Gombi Monkey

B. Gombi Monkey

 A. Sew the part corresponding to the monkey face on the top of the big and last piece corresponding to the head and body of the monkey. You can sew the eyes, nose and also the mouth (I cut 2 little circles of felt for the eyes, instead of sewing it). You can decorate the body as well. I sewed 3 buttons on a line in the center of the body.

B. The tail was made of fabric, fill out with cotton wadding and before to be attached to the body I introduced a little bend piece of jewelry wire in order to give the shape the tail has on the photo (the original idea of the book is a long – not bent – tail).

Put together all the pieces:

Gombi Monkey

and fill out with cotton wadding the interior of the body and head.

Gombi Monkey

Once you got a plumpy monkey you can finish the sewing.

Gombi Monkey

I glued a little felt heart detail at the back, and the project is ready.

Gombi Monkey

We named it Gombi Monkey and it was the birthday present for the daughter of one of my dearest friends.


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