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2014 go ahead!


The end of a year always gives me the impression that it passed too fast. It left behind so many things I didn’t do but I wanted to (365 days are not enough). Even though the year is over, a new one starts, the beginning of something new, and it feels like you can start over, fresh and reloaded.

When I was a kid, NYE was a memorable reunion where Family got together again, like a second Christmas (without presents), where wearing new clothes and a yellow underwear were the key to begin the New Year with good vibes.

Later, NYE became a moment to hang out with friends, usually on the beach, meeting new people, having parties and … getting drunk. Nowdays, I still like that idea of starting a New Year, but it is not so important anymore, and I’m not ruining the beginning of a great year if I’m not going for a Party or so (and I’m not wearing yellow underpants anymore either).


(starting the New Year with a great Party… and excellent idea!)

I heard of writing a wish list for the New Year, or making 12 wishes right at midnight, throwing a handful of lentils for getting a lot of money, running around the block for a year full of trips, placing money inside the shoes you are wearing, and the list continues…

NYE (eating grapes at midnight for a nice year!)

Anyway, everyone has its own way to welcome the New Year, but either you are wearing a yellow underwear or reading your wish list, eating grapes, or focusing on making money, traveling, finding your better half … the point is to stay positive and full of hope.

Take a look at the year you are leaving, where you’ve been and where you are going, and remember that Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.


Cheers to a new year. The best is yet to come!



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