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Wall art project!

Wall project

The idea of decorating your own space is a perfect excuse for DIY creations, and specially, wall art. There are plenty of ways to make art for our walls. I selected these 12 projects I would like to share with you, maybe you will feel like trying one of them. It was very difficult to make this selection. I was about to show you my favorite 10 but I end up with 12. Here they are:

1. DIY String Art: an amazing piece of art popping. Tutorial here.

wall project

2. Doilies prints: awesome doilies art on canvas. Tutorial here.

wall project

3. Cork art: This creative project starts with a bunch of cork and an empty wall. Tutorial here.

wall project

4. DIY metallic art: If you have an old canvas you would like to get rid of, don’t do it before checking this great idea. Tutorial here.

wall project

5. Yarn scraps frame: Different color of yarn scraps, scissors, glue, a shadow box and you will love the results. Tutorial here.

wall project

6. A dandelion on your wall: Shred paper (nice effect with newspaper or printed paper), tea and painting a beautiful dandelion and the project is ready. Tutorial here.

wall project

7. Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas: The colorful pages of old magazines ended up into a beautiful project you can work out with your kids. The result is a beauty. Tutorial here.

wall project

8. Corkboard mural: Very simple and a nice idea above a desk. Tutorial here.

wall project

9. 3D Geometric wall art: Like a colorful cloud, this wall art is made of wood  circles and a lot of creativity. Tutorial here.

wall project

10. Fabric art wall: Nice look and easy to make. Tutorial here.

wall project

11. Hand carved wall art: This is one of my favorites. I love the effect on it, simply beautiful. Tutorial here.

wall project

12. Fly away. Wall art: The draw is beautiful. I love it and, of course, it looks amazing on a wall. Tutorial here.

wall project

Amazing projects, aren’t they?


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