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Crochet Camera Wrist Strap

camera strap

 This is probably the simplest crochet project ever. I used just single crochet stitch and the result is a beautiful wrist camera strap. Hook, yarn and an old wrist strap to get started:

camera strap project camera strap

First of all, note that the strap is working as a ring, so you will bring the yarn inside the ring in order to start working the single crochet stitch. We don’t have a foundation chain so our base for every SC stitch will be the strap (from now on we will call it “ring”). Once you have the yarn inside the ring, yarn over through the loop you just created.

camera strap camera strap

We start working SC from here. Insert hook into the ring, yarn over, draw yarn through the ring…

camera strap strap camera 

… yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook.

camera strap camera strap camera strap camera starp 

Repeat the SC all around the ring and slip stitch at the end.

camera strap

Done! Just hide the little yarn left…

camera strap

Crochet camera wrist strap ready.

camera strap

before finishing, there is a video I made that can help a bit more:


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