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Who Doesn’t Love Necklaces?


I love them! specially the ones which are made of beads and threads. Wood beads, glass beads, seeds are my favorite materials, and with a bit of imagination and easy techniques you can start with simple but beautiful creations.



Colored beads are a great option. Find a good combination of colors and just slide them on the threading material. For example, slide the bead, make a knot right after the bead, slice another bead, make another knot and so on.

You can try, as well, using more than just one thread. Tie a knot using 3 threads. Slide the bead on the left thread and another through the right thread, the one in the middle stays empty. Tie a knot using 3 threads again and start it ove again.



Macrame offers you plenty of options for your necklaces. My favorite is the one called Alternating Half Hitch, which besides being super simple is a beautiful kind of knot.


This page shows you step by step plenty of macrame knots.

And here is one of my previous posts where I showed you how to make the spiral knot which is also a nice one.


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