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Decoupage on Glass

Decoupage on Glass

Hello everyone! I’ve been working in some decoupage projects in the last weeks. I’m really crazy about this technique. I applied it on glass, so far, and I want to show you how I did it.

Let’s start by the materials:


Any bottle or jar you think you can decorate.

Decoupage Glue.

Designed napkin.


For this Jar i decided to decorate with decoupage just the body part, so the first thing to do is to mesure it, so I can cut the exact portion of napkin I need in order to cover all the jar body.

Decoupage Decoupage

Napkins usually have 3 layers. Once you cut the exact portion of napkin you need, you have to remove the 2 layers under the layer where the design is.

Decoupage Decoupage

When you are ready, hold the jar in a way that can allow you to glue it and also to place the napkin conveniently. First glue a little portion, where you will place the napkin afterwards. Once you placed it, glue the napkin on the top of it as well. This is the time when you have to be careful, because the paper can get wrinkles.


It may help to wrap a plastic bag around your finger and press the napkin gently.


Go all the way around, applying the decoupage glue by portions.

First, apply the glue on the jar. Second, place the napkin and add glue again. You have to be very gentle, because the napkin can be torn any time. If that happen, just try to put it back with the help of the brush.

Don’t pass the brush again on the place where you already glue, because that can tear the napkin.


Once you glued the napkin all around, you have to let it dry. You can use a hair dryer to accelerate the process. After that, you must add two or three layers of varnish. I prefer the matte varnish.

The varnish will help to protect the product and makes it last longer.


When it is dry, it is time to add some little details to make the jar look even nicer.

You can decorate it with little motifs made of crochet, for example, or use your punching craft tool like me. I used a hearth shaped one, and glued the little hearths on the jar.  It is up to your imagination. 🙂

Decoupage decoupage

Decoupage Decoupage

This is the result:

Decoupage Decoupage

I’ve tried this technique on bottles also and I think it looks even nicer if you apply white painting before gluing the napkin. This is the result:

Decoupage Decoupage

Simply beautiful!

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