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I find decorating bottles and jars as a very pretty way to create Art. I started using decoupage and acrylics, then applying stamps, stencils and modeling paste. What you get is something really beautiful, a simple bottle or jar is turning into a pretty piece of Deco. You can decorate your favorite place at home… Continue reading AlTeReD JaR

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Decoupage is a beautiful technique, it lets you decorate almost any surface by gluing paper. The result can look like a beautiful painted design, but it is just paper and glue (the most widely used material is napkin). As i said, you can use decoupage on almost any surface. Boxes are the favorite ones for… Continue reading

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Knitting Bracelets!

I love bracelets. The Knitting Machine has given me the possibility to experiment and create new options for bracelets, combining beads, pendants, threads, wool and actually wherever your imagination can tell. I started knitting a cord. I wanted to create a bracelet half wool and half any other material. Ready to use. You can check… Continue reading Knitting Bracelets!

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Who Doesn’t Love Necklaces?

I love them! specially the ones which are made of beads and threads. Wood beads, glass beads, seeds are my favorite materials, and with a bit of imagination and easy techniques you can start with simple but beautiful creations. Colored beads are a great option. Find a good combination of colors and just slide them… Continue reading Who Doesn’t Love Necklaces?

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My Valentine list!

Valentine is a symbol of love and friendship, the perfect excuse to prepare something with our own hands for the ones we love. This is my list of favorite projects for this special day: 1. Mini Pallet Art 2. Hand Lettered Chalk Art 3. Cement Valentine’s Hearts 4. Photo Strip Valentine’s 5. Lovely Surprise 6. Valentine Cards 7. Heart Crochet Garland 8. Valentine… Continue reading My Valentine list!

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Wall art project!

The idea of decorating your own space is a perfect excuse for DIY creations, and specially, wall art. There are plenty of ways to make art for our walls. I selected these 12 projects I would like to share with you, maybe you will feel like trying one of them. It was very difficult to… Continue reading Wall art project!