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Enchanted Norway

The diverse scenery of the fjord land in Norway makes this place fascinating. The color of the landscape is simply stunning, dramatic, peaceful, undeniably beautiful. It really takes your breath away. Here a bit more of the photos we shot there. Part of our memories now. I hope I’ll go back once again. Enjoy!  … Continue reading Enchanted Norway

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The Fjords

The beauty of the fjords still leaves me speechless. I’m in a place that thousands of years ago were giant glaciers that through several ice ages became the beautiful landscape we can enjoy now! Isn’t that amazing? I want to share this time lapse video Krisztián made in our journey through the fjords. I hope you enjoy!

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Beauty in the fjords

Ship life can be hard sometimes, missing your family, friends and home, but the magic in the places you find around is something which makes me feel glad I’m here. One of this places is the region known as Fjord Land, Norway. The fjords were formed when the glaciers retreated, and sea water flooded the… Continue reading Beauty in the fjords

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Back to Ship Life

I’m living six and a half months on board of a Cruise Ship, the rest of the year Krisztián and I are spending our time between Hungary and Perú (Krisztián is Hungarian and I’m Peruvian) enjoying our vacations in two continents. But vacations are over and we are flying to Germany tomorrow. Lima – Paris… Continue reading Back to Ship Life